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    Your blog on managing relationships at work came at a great time for me. Having thought through the long term consequences as you wrote, the short term enjoyment would have quickly soured into regret.
    Sarah H
    New York, New York
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    Haha! Some of the tips in your article How To Resign Gracefully are real gems and very, very practical. I am sure that I could certainly have done with these hints before I quit my last job!
    Anna V
    Melbourne, Australia
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    Great advice in your article on Tips For Working From Home. I particularly like the discipline of going out for a walk at lunchtime to help create a sense of separation between home and work.
    Jonathan T
    London, UK
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    Interesting material that you guys come up with. Kind of a new twist on the old "work-life balance" myth. I'll keep an eye out to see where you are going with this over the next few weeks. Keep up the good standard.
    Miriam S
    Los Angeles, CA